A Piece of Ewe

Today I visited a great little yarn shop in Bay City called A Piece of Ewe.  (Don’t you just love that name?)  With a name like that, I couldn’t resist.  Plus I’ve been obsessing about buying new sock yarn, and since A Piece of Ewe is closer to me than Twisted Warp is, it was a no brainer to go there.

It’s always an interesting experience going into a yarn shop as a guy.  Since knitting is seen as more of a woman’s craft in our culture, a person with a penis tends to stand out in a yarn shop.  I admit to feeling a bit nervous, but that nervousness was quickly set aside when the woman working there greeted me and told me where to find things.  I told her I was looking for sock yarn, which was in the second of the two rooms, so I followed her.

In the back was the mother lode — all kinds of gorgeous self-striping sock yarn.  Opal, Regia, and more.  Just beautiful fiber and colors.  I wanted to grab ten balls, but limited myself to three — a light purple, a green, and a red.  I made a mental note of which balls I’ll get next time, and tore myself away to find some size 6 and 7 double-pointed needles.  The sevens I got in bamboo, but had to make do with the sixes in aluminum.

In addition to the yarn and needles were two wonderful women working on their projects.  One was making a sweater, which I find to be just amazing.  I’m intimidated by sweaters because I tend to have gauge issues, but maybe she’ll be a good teacher for me.  Only one way to find out!  The other woman was working on socks.  Looked like she was new to sock making, but also looked like she was a good job on them.

So I spent just over sixty dollars and got six punches on a card that will give me five dollars a purchase once I get ten punches.  Sounds good to me!

Moral of the story:  If you’re near Bay City, go to A Piece of You.  It’s on the corner of M-25 and Saginaw Street, behind the Independent Bank.  It’s worth the trip.


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