There are Loops, and There are Loops

The idea of loops runs through my life.  Loops don’t just happen on my bamboo knitting needles, which is perhaps why I haven’t written in this blog since I began it.  The idea of writing about knitting must have felt too limiting, too stifling, thus I abandoned it.  Or perhaps because I did not think to capture my projects in writing; I merely knit and moved along to the next project.

You see, I’m a writer, and a teacher of writing.  Words are also loops.  I teach others to knit, metaphorically speaking, on the page.  They create loops, I create loops, it’s a loopy life.  Writing, knitting, it’s all of a piece in my life.

And life itself is a series of loops.  One event loops into another, which loops into another, the way yarn loops into itself and words loop together.

Today, another loop in life.  I received a phone call telling me I was going to be called after the first of the year to set up a phone interview for the tenure-track job I applied for at the college where I currently teach.  It was a phone call that felt like it might be the beginning of a new level of security for me.  Something felt right about it.  However, I know from last time not to be presumptuous, to combat a sense of entitlement.  There are no guarantees I will go any farther than the phone interview round.  Absolutely none.  I will take it moment by moment.

Loop by loop.


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