Baby Blanket

Finally, the day before Thanksgiving, I started a baby blanket I’ve intended to start for a few months now.  A baby blanket I bought the yarn for back in September, after abandoning the first try at a blanket.  A baby blanket for my daughther.

Well, the daughter I will be adopting at some point.  I’m fostering-to-adopt and it’s been a slow process of waiting punctuated with hurry-up-and-wait flurries of activity, be it classes to attend or paperwork to fill out.  Now we’re in the holding pattern of waiting for a temporary license so we can receive calls from the social worker about babies who need placements.

In the meantime, I dealt with the holding pattern by obsessing about which pattern to use for a baby blanket.  The abandoned blanket was in seed stitch, which is lovely, but I had these stripes going that I didn’t like.  I had found a pattern that called for yarn in different colors that symbolized different things — each parent’s favorite color, the color of their alma maters, etc.  Sounded good in theory, but in reality, it was just a tad ugly.  More than a tad ugly.  And because I was using a single strand of worsted yarn on size 9 needles, the blanket seemed to be taking forever.  All of that combined, and I decided to abandon ship.

So the search began for a pattern.  I went to Ravelry, I went to Lion Brand, I Googled… I looked at many, many baby blanket patterns.  Some I really liked, many I didn’t.  In the end, after much hemming and hawing — more than was necessary for the task at hand, surely — I decided to go with a basket-weave stitch pattern.

Now that that has been decided, all that remains to take my mind off the wait about the license is to knit her blanket.  Call her forth with each stitch.  Imagine her swaddled in it as the winter winds blow outside.  Send my love out to her as I move from knit to purl.

It’s all I can do to stand the waiting.


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