Halfway There!

Halfway Done

In just over a week, I’ve managed to make some really good progress on the  baby blanket.  It’s now officially halfway done.

Maybe I’m just being overly (pre-maturely?) sentimental about what the blanket symbolizes and the tiny human it will keep warm soon, but each stitch is a conversation I’m having with her, is a prayer sent up to keep her as safe as possible, is a mental message-in-a-bottle of how much she’s already loved.  So much about her is a mystery right now, but that blanket is something concrete, something real I can touch and hold and grow.  It’s something that can help her know me better until we actually meet.

The colors in the blanket have this interesting retro vibe to them, a 1970s vibe with the deep purple.  I love purple, deep purple especially, but in combination with the blues and yellows and oranges, a definitely retro vibe comes out.  That’s okay with me, since I was born in the 1970s and maybe that’s a primal, subconscious way of bringing some of my childhood into my baby’s.

We have a final home inspection on December 13th.  We will know more then about when we can expect to meet our new baby, whoever she is and wherever she comes from.


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