The 13th Row

I’m very nearly finished with the baby blanket.  That’s quite an accomplishment for me, since I’m notorious for starting blankets and abandoning them.  Perhaps my motivation has never been as urgent, or as personal, as what drives me now, so my quick progress in this instance requires noting what has come before to appreciate what currently is.  Thank you for that indulgence.

According the pattern, I am to knit twelve rows of basket weave, then commence the top edge of garter stitch.  I reached that milestone last night, yet couldn’t start the garter edging.  My instincts told me to knit a thirteenth row.  I’ve always considered thirteen a lucky number for me, and my birthday is September 13.  Also, this is the twelfth month, and perhaps my subconscious is telling me our new little one will come to us in January.  I’m not sure.  Either way, I’m heeding the voice of my instincts and will knit a thirteen row.

That blanket will be finished and on display in the crib when the social worker comes to do the house inspection on Monday.  So be it.


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