Home Study

We had the home study yesterday.  All my stress and angst really was for naught, and I’m embarrassed I had my tantrum post on Monday.  (I toyed with the idea of deleting it, but realized emotions are part of the journey, for better or worse.  So it stays.)

The actual tour of the home was pretty quick.  The social worker asked about the fire extinguisher and smoke detectors, as we expected, and about where we would house prescription drugs.  She called our living room beautiful, our hardwood floors gorgeous, and smiled when she saw the child’s room.  She didn’t really say too much, but her non-verbal cues were very positive and she wrote some notes down.

During the course of our conversation, which mostly consisted of her reading a list of things she’s required to read in these situations, we came to find out we can, indeed, be borrowed by surrounding counties, so that’s good.  We also found out she will have the home study report written by next Wednesday, and we will likely be fully licensed by early January.  It’s good to know some basic timelines, after so much mystery.  Progress is being made.

One of my colleagues at work and his wife went through foster training at the same we did.  The social worker told us they received their license Monday and by Tuesday had a ten-year-old placed with them.  Their home study was just around Thanksgiving, so perhaps that’s a sign of things to come for us.  But either way, I’m very excited for them and need to be in touch, so they know they have us as a support system if they need one.

On a side note, no comment was made about the blanket I knitted for the baby.  Regardless, it was there on the crib, ready for her when she arrives.


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