Phat Stripes Hat

I realized I couldn’t make hats for two sisters-in-law (and a mother-in-law) without making one for the third sister-in-law.  Bad Mikey.  Bad, bad, bad.

Finding the right pattern was a challenge.  First, I started looking at sock-yarn patterns, since I have a decent stash of sock yarn to use up, but realized I didn’t have the right sized needles.  (I’ve since ordered said needles from Knit Picks and they are on the way.)  I didn’t have much worsted yarn left – just scraps – but had bought some Homespun from Lion Brand called Painted Desert.  Really lovely combination of browns, blues, pinks, etc.  So off I went to find patterns for bulky yarn that would also fit the personality of this particular sister-in-law.

Ravelry took me to Smoky Mountain Fibers and the Phat Stripes Hat.  Instantly, I knew it was the hat I wanted to make.  Simple stockinette mostly, with a few ridges of purl to add some personality to the mix.  However, because Homespun to more of a floppy yarn, the hat doesn’t have the “spine” of the hat shown on the SMF blog.  Still, it turned out pretty good and I can’t wait to give it to my sister-in-law.  She’s going to like it, I’m sure of it.


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