Seeded Stripes Scarf


A few weeks ago, I went to my local yarn shop, Apple Valley Yarn Company in Midland, Michigan, looking for yarn to make a brioche cowl.  Sally was working and asked what I was shopping for.  I told her, and she directed me to many delicious options — all soft, squishy and utterly luxurious — yet nothing screamed “brioche cowl” to me.

Seeing my hesitation at her suggestions, she changed tactics and showed me a striped K1P1 scarf knitted up with Plymouth Gina yarn.  Before long, the scarf was around my neck and I promptly forgot all about the brioche cowl and wanted to make a scarf from the Gina yarn.  (Fickle, fickle, I know…)

Sally helped me choose four balls in different color ways and gave me the basic pattern formula for the scarf:  Choose two balls in contrasting color ways to begin, and knit two rows with Ball A and then two rows with Ball B.  Once those balls run out, repeat the process with the remaining two.

The ribbing pattern wasn’t singing to me — the stripes felt so defined and delineated — so I decided on seed stitch for a softer, more painterly effect.  The striping is still quite evident, but definitely more muted in seed stitch, an effect I really rather enjoy.  I’m glad I changed it up.

Seeded Stripes Scarf

Needles: Size 8

Cast-On: 32 stitches

Seed Stitch Pattern:

Row 1 – K1, P1 until end (ending with P1)

Row 2 – P1, K1 until end (ending with K1)

Repeat Rows 1 and 2, switching yarns after each completed row set, until the scarf is as long as you wish it to be (or until you run out of patience).  Bind off in pattern and weave in the ends.

Be sure that when changing colors for each row set that you bring the new yarn up from underneath the old yarn.  See the picture below for how that should look!

(Purple = old yarn and Red = new yarn)




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4 responses to “Seeded Stripes Scarf

  1. Corin Laflamme

    This scarf and your yarn choices are gorgeous!

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